Blueprint for a Fulfilling Existence

blueprint for a fulfilling existence

In a world teeming with endless diversions and demands, it is simple to lose sight of our genuine purpose and the roles we play within society. For a long time, I was waking up in a state of fear and anxiety. Before I opened my eyes I could feel my heart going at an accelerated rate. I was feeling like I was failing before the day even began.

In reality, I didn’t fail anything, it was my mind taking over, thinking 100 moves ahead in the future about the work I needed to do and always feeling like I didn’t have enough time. In essence, I was focusing on the least important part of the Blueprint for a fulfilling existence – the Creator.

I didn’t even think about what kind of Man, Husband, or Father I would like to be in this world. It was somewhere in the future. “When I reach my creation these things will come”, I was thinking to myself, but the anxiety and my well-being got only worse.

I found out about this blueprint from a dear friend and since I have been using it, it has made a huge difference in my life. Don’t worry if you are not a Husband / Wife, Father or Mother. This is more about what kind of energy you want to radiate from yourself. Their are 57 Best Breathwork Facilitator Training Courses & Certifications  we are providing you can easily apply.  Secondly how would you like to be when these things happen? Meanwhile, you also will attract like-minded significant other (if you don’t have one yet) and others will feel your higher frequency energy which will allow better opportunities to come into your life.

By doing this exercise you become that kind of a person. Subconsciously you are reprogramming your mind and it’s attracting the right type of people in your life. By being the best Man / Woman, Husband / Wife, and Father / Mother you will be able to be the best Creator.

First you have to take care of your basic needs before you can start to give to others.

blueprint for fulfilling existence

How to use it?

Start your every day by asking “What kind of Man / Woman do I want to be and show up in this world today?” Continue the same question with the Husband / Wife, Father / Mother, and at the end ask yourself “What kind of Creator do I want to be? What do I want to create? How can I bring value to others through my creation?”.


Man / Woman: The Bedrock of Identity

Loving life woman
At the very foundation of the Hierarchy of Human Roles is our status as a man or woman. This fundamental role encapsulates our gender, a pivotal determinant in configuring our outlooks and encounters. It proves indispensable to acknowledge that our gender identity represents only one facet of our persona; yet, it establishes the stage for our interactions with the universe.

To excel in this capacity, individuals must wholeheartedly embrace their gender identity. This necessitates recognition and acceptance of the distinct challenges and privileges accompanying manhood or womanhood.

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Examples from myself asking what kind of a Man I want to be:
-Present & Conscious. I’m able to look at myself from 3rd person view and not be driven by my Ego.
-Strong, Healthy & Beautiful. I’m physically able to participate in all the sports and activities I want to. Nothing is too hard, I can climb Mount Everest if I put my mind to it without effort. No matter what my age will be I will remain to have the physical abilities of 25 year old male. My body is my temple. I feel kundalini energy traveling through it, I can control it and change the state of my being and others. I’m a powerhouse.
-Emotionally intelligent. I’m able to feel myself, and my body and give it what is needed. I’m able to feel others, empathize with them, and allow healing to take place.
-Radiating energy, love, and kindness. My energy is in such high frequency and so powerful, that it radiates outwards from me miles away. By radiating this energy I’m healing others and shining light in this world. It’s attracting amazing opportunities in my life.
-I’m smart, nothing is too complicated. I can solve any problem that comes my way with ease.

Husband / Wife: The Ties of Companionship

husband with wife
Progressing up the hierarchical structure, we confront the role of Husband and Wife. This designation revolves around the concept of partnership and the commitment to cultivate a warm and supportive rapport with a significant other.

Even if you don’t have a significant other, you can imagine and become the best version of yourself in this field because that will raise your vibrations and improve your general well-being, as well as attract the right kind of partner. More often than not the partner we seek is from the state of lack and fear, would it not be better to seek it from the state of love and kindness?

Examples from myself asking what kind of a Husband I want to be:
-Trustworthy & Reliable. I will never let you down. My word is graved into the stone and when I commit, it’s for real. I’m there for you and we can trust each other with anything. There are no secrets between us. I can be my authentic self and not be afraid that I won’t be accepted and the same for you. There is open communication, and I’m there for you in good and bad times, making you feel valued, loved, and secure in the relationship.
-Loving & Independent. I’m not co-dependent on you and nor are you on me. We fulfill each other with the love we give, simultaneously we live our individual lives.
-Respecting & Supportive. I respect your boundaries, I don’t have unverbalized expectations and I’m inspired by what you do. I support you in your growth and in your life. You can rely on me.

Father / Mother: Nurturing the Future

Father with children

Elevating further up the hierarchy, we encounter the roles of father and mother. These roles encompass the profound obligation of nurturing and guiding the forthcoming generation. Parenthood emerges as a transformative expedition marked by sacrifices and unwavering love.

Examples from myself asking what kind of a Father I want to be.
-Present. I’m conscious of my thoughts & actions. I’m aware that a child is not conscious of all his actions (the same applies to adults as well). I’m the one whom the child looks up to, I’m the one whom the child takes as the primary example of how he should be in this world.
-Encouraging. I will not limit my child to explore the world, I will not limit his/her curiosity. I will not act out of a state of fear. I will encourage the child to be him, even if it’s not aligning with my view of the world.
-Accepting. I will accept my child for who he/she is.

Creator (Occupation): Crafting Your Enduring Legacy

become a creator of reality
At the top of the Hierarchy of Fulfilling Existence lies the role of the creator within one’s chosen profession or occupation. This role embodies one’s contribution to society and the lasting imprint one leaves behind. One’s occupation isn’t merely a means to procure sustenance; it stands as an opportunity to fashion a profound impact and realize one’s unique potential.

To excel in the creation one needs to be aligned with the other three values. This does not mean that you have to be in a relationship or have a child to be a great creator. The other 3 values are more of a support system that helps us arrange our thoughts in the right way. Listing all the values I want to encompass as a Man, Husband, and Father also makes me think and act differently from the view of creation.  Their are   72 Best Meditation Teacher Trainings & Certifications  you can easily join. Secondly Each morning, after going over the qualities I want to embody, I also realize that I want to create and give out of pure love and kindness to others, not out of the state of fear and lack, which more often than not takes over my mind.

Often I find myself thinking that I’m not worthy enough, that I’m not doing enough, not being enough. This exercise helps me realize that what I create doesn’t matter nearly as much as how I show up in this world because every action I take impacts the world. If I create from a state of fear then what good can come out of it?

Examples from myself asking what kind of a Creator I want to be.
-Manifestation God. I’m the Alpha & Omega of manifestation. I’m creating from a state of abundance, love, kindness, gratefulness, bliss, and freedom.  I get whatever I want. There are no limits, that I’m sure of and at this point, there is no doubt that I’m limitless in what I can create.
-Creating change in the world. I feel the world changing energetically, it’s my duty to evolve the world and the human race for the better. Flow As One is the way I’m creating this change and it’s my ultimate calling to help others shift their state of consciousness for the better. I’m learning as I’m doing and evolving together with all.

-Abundance. I’m living in abundance physically, mentally, and spiritually. What I’m creating is bringing abundance in others and my work is bringing more abundance into my life. It’s an unending cycle with a snowball effect that never stops and will continue rolling long after I’m gone.
-Wealth. I’m wealthy in all aspects of life, my creation keeps increasing the wealth. This wealth is used further to better the well-being of others and raise the vibrations of the world.


Conclusion: Embracing the Blueprint of a Fulfilling Existence

In summary, the Hierarchy of Human Roles bequeaths a profound perspective on the manner in which we should navigate our life journeys. By granting precedence to these roles in the order of their significance – from being a man or woman to a spouse, parent, and creator – we chart a course toward a more enriching and purpose-driven existence. Each role remains interconnected, and by excelling in one field, we augment our capacity to excel in the others.

The diligence and attention we apportion to each role may fluctuate on our individual circumstances and choices. Ultimately, it’s an expedition toward harmonizing these roles.

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