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Discover Holistic Coaching in an Online Community that creates a Safe Space to Rediscover Your True Self, Heal the Past, and Create a Future of Bliss and Abundance.

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We combine Holistic Healing Modalities & Psychology with the latest Scientific Research.

Release Trauma, Gain Direction in Life & Reconnect with your Heart in our live daily growth sessions and weekly challenges.

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Testimonials From Our Community

Real Stories from Our Valued Customers

"I have never experienced anything so profound and transcendent. Each time has been completely unique. Through the webinars, we have dealt with the topics of fear, energy, relationships and finances."
Uldis Svilāns
Entrepreneur & Forester
"In my life, I have tried and practiced several wellbeing coaching methods for self-discovery and healing, but the Breath of Rebirth, guided by Ģirts, is the practice with which I have felt one of the biggest and most positive changes and transformations."
Krista Ozola
Yoga teacher
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What is Holistic Life Coaching?

A person’s health is affected by their lifestyle, and holistic coach focuses on helping clients improve their lives by looking at their emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

What can you expect?


Holistic life coaching model

Holistic life coaching model

Let's Create a Change

By embarking on your personal growth journey, you are not only transforming your own life but also contributing to a greater change in the world. Every step you take towards self-discovery, healing, and growth has a ripple effect that extends beyond yourself.

Together, we are creating a world where individuals embrace their full potential, live with authenticity, and make a meaningful impact. Your growth matters, and it is changing the world, one courageous step at a time.