20 Minute Guided Sunset Meditation

20 minute guided meditation

The Speed of Life

Doesn’t it seem like our days are on fast-forward? From the early morning alarm to the final moments of twilight, we’re perpetually in motion. We work, we travel, we exercise, we socialize, and then suddenly, it’s nightfall. The cycle begins anew.

But where’s the pause button?

In the midst of our hectic lives, setting aside just 20 minutes a day for mindfulness can seem like a challenge. But with these simple steps, you can easily incorporate a 20-minute mindfulness meditation into your daily routine.

As we race through our weekdays, we often look forward to the weekend. But what if we could find that same sense of anticipation and joy every single day? Let’s explore how a simple 20 minute guided meditation during sunset can transform your daily routine. Here are More then 57 Best Breathwork Facilitator Training Courses & Certifications .

An Invitation to Pause

Sunsets are nature’s daily masterpieces, unique to each location and day. What if we could harness the beauty of the sunset to create a thoughtful pause in our day? A guided meditation relaxation practice can be that pause button we’ve been seeking.

sunset meditation

Step 1: Know Your Sunset

Start by finding out when the sun will set in your area. There are numerous online resources and apps that can provide this information. Set a reminder on your phone or mark it on your calendar. Make sure to give yourself a 5-minute buffer before the sunset begins.

Step 2: Choose Your Setting

Find a peaceful spot where you can truly enjoy the sunset. It could be a park, a beach, or even a room with a view in your home. If you’re in a city, look for spaces that allow you to see the changing colors of the sky.

Step 3: Reflect and Express Gratitude

Once you’re settled in your chosen spot, take a moment to reflect on your day. Write down five experiences you had, both positive and negative.


  1. Woke up feeling refreshed ????
  2. Completed a project at work ????
  3. Had a disagreement with a friend ????
  4. Enjoyed a delicious meal ????
  5. Made progress on a personal goal ????

Step 4: Letting Go

This step involves acknowledging and releasing a habit or belief that has been holding you back. Write it down and repeat the following affirmation aloud: “I choose to let go and surrender [insert habit or belief].

Step 5: Visualization

Close your eyes and visualize your day. Reflect on the experiences, emotions, and lessons. Now, envision what you want to manifest tomorrow. Be kind, loving, and grateful to yourself.

Step 6: Embrace the Sunset

As the sun dips below the horizon, take a moment to truly appreciate the view. The golden hues, the gradual fading of light – it’s all a part of nature’s grand narrative.

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20 Minute Guided Meditation at Sunset

If you feel more like just listening and following guided steps then here is a recorded 20 minute guided meditation 🙂

Final Thought: A Gift to Yourself

Each sunset is a gift, a reminder that every day is a fresh opportunity for growth. By dedicating 20 minutes each day to guided meditation, you’re giving yourself the gift of mindfulness, relaxation, and self-love.

Remember, the speed of life is only as fast as we allow it to be. So, slow down, breathe, and embrace the tranquility of a sunset. Happy meditating!

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