How Finding Out That I’m Projector (Human Design) Changed My Life

projector 1/3 investigating martyr

I’m a Projector 1/3 investigating martyr Human Design type. There have been a lot of changes happening in the last 2 weeks. We are reorganizing the way we work with flow as one company and simultaneously it aligns with the way I am and do things in this world.

What’s Human Design?

To understand this article, you need to understand what is Human Design.
Human Design is a pseudoscientific system that combines astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, and the chakra system to provide personality insights and life guidance based on a person’s unique “design.” In my opinion, it’s the most accurate tool for gaining insights about each one of us there is.

There are 5 different categories of people.

  1. Manifestor (8-9%): Natural initiators who can make things happen independently but should inform others to minimize resistance.
  2. Generator (32-35%): Known for sustainable energy, they thrive by responding to what excites them, following their authentic interests.
  3. Projector (20%): Skilled at guiding and managing energy, they need recognition and invitations to share their wisdom effectively.
  4. Reflector (about 1%): Rare mirrors of environmental energy, they make decisions over a lunar cycle, influenced by their surroundings.
  5. Manifesting Generator (35-37%): Blend Manifestor and Generator traits, with a strong life force and a tendency to initiate while also responding to opportunities.

How Human Design Changed My Life as a Projector (1/3 investigating martyr)

In a world that often expects everyone to be like Generators, I have come to understand that I am, in fact, a Projector. This realization has caused me to reevaluate and make profound changes in my life.

Society tends to praise those with endless energy, like my dad, a typical Generator. Meanwhile, as a Projector, I’ve always felt like I was swimming against the current. It’s been a constant struggle to keep up with the pace and expectations this energy-driven society imposes upon us.

The real challenge of being a Projector is learning to trust the process. Instead of tirelessly initiating action and working relentlessly, my role is to patiently wait for the right invitations and recognize where I can truly shine. It’s not about hustling or pushing; it’s about aligning with the natural flow of energy.

I took the time to self-reflect and concluded that I had made myself into a working machine. I work and do things guided by reading endless productivity books and advice from successful people. Guess what? It’s not for everyone. Reflecting on my past – I was naturally more laid-back and trusting the flow and everything was always aligning. I received a lot of skeptical comments and looks for the way I lived, judging me for not working enough and being lazy.

In retrospect this is probably what made me want to prove to myself and others – I can be the most productive person there is, I can do, be, and give more than anyone. My potential is endless.


Yes, it is. I’m pushing and going against the tide, trying to be more, to prove myself, and to be the best. I started to get praise for this and I enjoyed it, it motivated me to keep going. Finally, I started feeling useful to society, and my efforts were rewarded for my work.

However, my heart thought otherwise. At the age of 30 doing sports and being healthy my whole life I got heart arrhythmia. Can’t imagine any better signal that the body could give a person.

Some additional bonuses: twitching eyelid, sometimes for up to two weeks. I wake up in the mornings super anxious, disrupted sleep, inability to feel myself because the mind takes over…

The crazy thing is that nowadays my heart is beating as it should, but if I start going against the tide it instantly starts to beat arithmetically. It amazes me how smart is the body and how it works in symbiosis with the mind.

After the news about my heart, I started making changes in my life. Started doing more about what I love and care for, started building Flow As One, but somehow ended up doing it all again as a Generator.

What was meant to be an experiment – how far can I push my productivity ended up changing my personality, and my reality. It’s funny to me that now I have to teach myself to do less. Didn’t think that this will ever happen.


What I’m changing:

-Rather than forcing myself into roles that demand constant output, I’m now seeking opportunities where my unique insights and guidance are valued. Making money is less about what I do, and more about how I am. Taking care of myself, and being in good energy is my strength. That enables me to be the most useful to others and in return I’m rewarded by it and enabled to manifest my visions into reality (which is my main gift).

-In my relationships, I’m more focused on surrounding myself with individuals who appreciate my perspective. I’ve learned that I don’t need to be everything to everyone, but I can be a valuable source of wisdom to those who genuinely recognize and value what I bring to the table.


I’m gradually trusting my intuition and understanding that I don’t need to push constantly for success or recognition. My path, as a Projector, may differ from the norm, but I’m embracing it, recognizing that there’s a unique and valuable role for me in this world of Generators.

The world is changing now more than ever. It’s up to us to be more conscious, understanding, and loving towards each other. Thank you for being you and if you want to learn more about your human design this is an amazing website:

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