Accountability partner available!

Accountability partner available

Me and  Lasse are now in Morocco, living & working on Flow As One company together. We have been accountability partners before in various instances, however…

First, when we came here we enjoyed our time. We slept in the mornings a bit later, didn’t work much, relaxed more… But at one point we decided it was enough and tried to get back into our normal daily routine. We kept on waking up late and not being productive.. This started to annoy us both so we decided to make an accountability partner contract between each other to be more healthy, productive, and happy in our daily lives.

Accountability Partner Contract

The contract states:
I, Kristaps & Lasse, agree to:
-Go to sleep latest at 23:00
-Be out of the bed before 07:00
-07:00-08:00 have an hour for our personal growth
-08:00-15:00 productive working time with breakfast in between
-after 15:00 we are free to enjoy life

In case of failure, we both agree to send 100 eur to a charity of our choosing

One week has passed now and it’s been such a nice upgrade to our lives that I wanted to share it here.

If you feel like you are stuck in your daily grind and need an extra push to get out of it, then know that we are here for you! Join our Self-mastery online community where you can find mentors, accountability partners, resources and so much more to accelerate your growth! ????

In the picture, it’s us in the co-working space at the time of writing this post

accountability partners

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