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Goal setting masterclass facilitator Kristaps Jansons

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Goal setting masterclass

Why Beginning of the Year?

Fresh Start Mentality: The start of a new year symbolizes a fresh beginning, providing individuals with a clean slate to set new goals and aspirations.

Reflecting on the Past: The transition from one year to the next prompts reflection on the previous year’s achievements and challenges. This self-reflection inspires us to set new goals based on the lessons learned.

Collective Energy and Quantum Influence: Together, we’ll tap into the global energy of creating a change, making our aspirations stronger and more achievable. 

Time Measurement: The annual cycle of a calendar year provides a convenient and measurable time frame for setting goals.

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Why should you attend?

Explore the reasons behind the lack of success in your New Year’s resolutions.

Reflect on the past years achievements, learn & apply to 2024.

Lear how to connect with your Future Self with a heart meditation where you will create a plan for 2024 guided by your soul purpose (Frequently, we set goals by the expectations of our families and society rather than what genuinely resonates with us).

You will have 30-day support to stay on track with your newly set goals!

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Connect, Transform, Thrive: Design Your Ideal Future

Testimonials from our clients

"I've taken many online courses, but this one stands out. The sense of belonging that this community brings is priceless."
"I was skeptical at first, but this course has given me a great framework to use. I have a clear goal now in my head how to better my life."
"This course was a game-changer for me. The community's support and accountability partners are keeping me on track!"
Using this method I'm achieving 95% of my set goals every year for the past 5 years!
Kristaps Jansons
Kristaps Jansons
Your Host and Co-founder of Flow As One

Why Set Goals?

Whether it’s for a New Year’s resolution, a big life moment, learning a new skill, or getting a promotion, here’s why goals matter:

  • Goals give you a clear target for success. When you set specific goals, you have a roadmap to follow. It helps you know where you're going and how to get there.

  • Setting clear goals lets you focus on the important steps. This helps with managing your time and making smart decisions.

  • Goals you can measure help you see how far you've come. Celebrate your wins, feel good about your hard work, and gain confidence. Seeing progress also keeps you motivated to keep going.

Goal setting masterclass facilitator

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Meet Your Host: Kristaps Jansons

My drive for self-improvement comes from feeling unhappy and anxious most of my life. It took me more than 15-years of self-development, learning of human psychology, becoming certified Yoga RYS 500 and Reiki level 1 teacher, years of daily Breathwork and Meditation practices, learning from gurus and traveling all around the world to gather enough experience and knowledge to finally self-shape myself into what I’m supposed to be and develop a powerful approach for improving life quality of others. I have a vision of what the world might one day look like, and my purpose is to put into practice this vision by helping others better themselves.

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